Sermons from October 2016

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Life Changing Message – Acts 11:19-30

Life Changing Message – Acts 11:19-30 Some important characteristics: 1. A Willingness To Go We are commanded to go and share the message! 2. The Message We Share We are to share the right message!  The only message that is the best in this world is the message of Jesus Christ. 3. The Presence of […]

Demands of Obedience – Acts 11: 1-18


Demands of Obedience Acts 11:1-18 1.) Obedience to God’s will often cause others to question our actions. Have you ever done something that you feel like God has called you to do, but feel like others are questioning your actions?  You must stay obedient to the will of God. DO NOT question His will! Others […]

The results of obedience – Acts 10:24-48

The results of obedience – Acts 10:24-48 We can only be obedient if we ask God to be in our life and seek Him! God DOES NOT give up on people! God will not allow sin to dominate your life. We are to be obedient to God so that others can be changed! Saying we […]

And The Walls Come Down! Acts 10:1-17

And The Walls Come Down! Personal refinement is necessary for us to become the holy vessels that God can use and it is often a painful process of seeing the sinful impurities in our life and accepting the spiritual purification process that the Lord uses to remove these impurities. For us to impact others, BARRIERS […]

Key Elements to an Effective Ministry – Acts 9:32-43


Key elements for an effective ministry 1.) Willingness to go and share the Lord. – Peter went to all parts of the country. – Peter was either searching to be like Christ or preaching the Living Word. – Think about the travel luxuries of today – now, think about how hard this was back in […]