Sermons from January 2017

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Everyone Can Be – Acts 15:22ff

Everyone Can Be Acts 15:22ff Those who provide encouragement: 1.) Think of what is best for others; rather than what is best for themselves. 2.) True encouragement will bring joy and rejoicing. 3.) The more people involved in encouraging others; the more these people are encouraged. 4.) Those who are encouragers forgive past wrongs.   […]

Keeping the Doors of Grace Open – Acts 15:6-21

Keeping the Doors of Grace Open Acts 15:6-21 1.) God’s Grace knows no barriers. 2.) God’s Grace CANNOT be improved on. 3.) God’s Grace to the Gentiles has also been verified through the Miracles and Wonders from God. 4.) God’s Grace to all is confirmed prophetically in His Holy Word.

Always Faithful – Acts 14


Always faithful Acts 14 Being a faithful steward of the gifts that God has given you! Faithfully use each gift that God has blessed you with. These gifts are a visual of Gods grace unto us! Luke 12 – talks about always being ready for the master to return! A faithful servant is one who […]