Always faithful

Acts 14

Being a faithful steward of the gifts that God has given you!

Faithfully use each gift that God has blessed you with.

These gifts are a visual of Gods grace unto us!

Luke 12 – talks about always being ready for the master to return!

A faithful servant is one who is always in action! Continually serving the lord until He returns!

Matthew – the parables of talent – shows us how the servants took his gifts and increased them to praise the master.

The servant that does nothing with a gift is LAZY!

We are entrusted with gifts and we are expected to use them for His kingdom and His glory!

To be a faithful servant, you must be willing to serve!!

Do not allow anything to come into your life that will prevent you from being faithful and using your gifts!

Keep your eyes on the prize ( on Jesus Christ! )

When things become difficult – know that Jesus is on your side – keep on moving forward in His name!

Don’t let the devil poison your mind or thoughts!

Paul DOES NOT let anything stop him from preaching the word of God. He turned the hearts of the ones that stoned him and left him to die!

God knew that Barnabas and Paul would carry out His plan on spreading the word. When God told them to “Go” – He didn’t say where – they went out to serve the lord and bring glory to His name! They never stopped until God told them what was next. Even though they faced difficulties – they persevered!

Faithful servants will always use their gifts to further the kingdom and bring glory to His name!

Romans 12 – Paul tells us to think soberly as God does. We are many but we are one body of grace. To use our gifts in the areas that God has lead us!