And The Walls Come Down!

Personal refinement is necessary for us to become the holy vessels that God can use and it is often a painful process of seeing the sinful impurities in our life and accepting the spiritual purification process that the Lord uses to remove these impurities.

For us to impact others, BARRIERS MUST COME DOWN!

God turns up the heat to get the “impurities” out of our life so that we can become what God desires us to be!

Peter needed God to work in his life to change him for what God has planned for him!

What do we have in our life that prevents God from using us?

1.) God is working in the lives of people regardless of their personal background, ethnicity, or station in a society.

You come before the throne by the grace of God! Not by your works, but by the grace of God!

It doesn’t matter how hard to work – there will always be impurities.  You must accept God and allow Him to use you to do His will!

By faith, we are entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ!

EVERY PERSON HERE is called to reach others!!

2.) God is at work in our life as well, preparing us to reach the people who are waiting on us to reach out to them.

It’s easy to listen to God if you pay attention to Him!

If you hear it, then you apply it.  If you listen to Him, it’ll just go in one ear and out the other.  YOU MUST HEAR GOD AND PAY ATTENTION TO GOD!

3.) To prepare us to join God in His work, He often has to remove spiritual barriers that we have either allowed or built up in our lives that prevents us from accomplishing His will and plans.

It’s up to you to allow God to use you!

Scripture References:

Acts 1:8
Gal 3:26-39
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Dross Removal Example: