Demands of Obedience
Acts 11:1-18

1.) Obedience to God’s will often cause others to question our actions.

Have you ever done something that you feel like God has called you to do, but feel like others are questioning your actions?  You must stay obedient to the will of God. DO NOT question His will! Others that question your actions are questioning the will of God.

2.) Obedience to God’s will can cause friction within the body of Christ.

If your church body is being obedient then friction can arise. If there is no friction then someone is being disobedient.

3.) Obedience to God’s will requires that we use spiritual discernment.

We must use spiritual discernment in our everyday life.  God DOES NOT see color, nationality, etc.  God sees His children and wants us to all prosper! Discernment is a requirement to following God’s will!!

4.) God does not call us to a life of blind Obedience.

Don’t follow blindly. Trust in God. Follow God by being obedient to His will!

5.) When we fail to be obedient to God’s will, we are in danger of trying to withstand God’s will.

When we are fighting against Gods will we are being disobedient!


Are you being obedient? Following Gods will is a sign of always being Obedient!!

Scripture References

Acts 11:1-18
Ecc 5:2
Luke 14:25-31

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