Brother David preaching out of Acts 6:1-7

When Satan can’t get you from the front, he’ll attack from within.

Despite external pressure, the apostles continued to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.

When a church has internal conflicts, it redirects the focus of the church.  The focus should always be on Jesus Christ.

Satan will take a legitimate ministry need and use it to drive a wedge into the church. We, the church, must always be on guard against these potential wedges.

Keep the focus on Jesus Christ! We must always see what Jesus Christ needs and wants in the church.

Internal division ALWAYS stops church multiplication.

When this occurs it stops the plans of Jesus Christ and furthers the plans of Satan.

Paul warns about these internal attacks countless times in the past. He says to avoid these disputes at all costs – keep the focus on Jesus Christ.

The word of God is a ministry – it MUST be proclaimed!

Satan wants to destroy your life and your church.  He wants to discredit the church and turn the name of Jesus Christ into a laughing joke.

1. We need to identify greater ministries.
The disciples gathered to discuss the issue and it was said that we are not to give up on the word of God and serve tables. They set out to to continually pray and minister to the word!

We need to look at those with needs inside of our church and outside.  We need to have an outward approach.

When you begin the outward reach, you’ll see a multiplication of the church. Serving with a serpents heart as our Savior served us.

A deacon should be controlled by the Holy Spirit. One that has turned over control of his/her life to God. One that is of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit, and wisdom.

Gods word is the center of our world. It will do more in our hands than any earthly weapon ever could.

Your life is about proclaiming the goodness of His Name.

Are you fulfilling your role that God has set out for you?