• Matt Richards

"March 18th Update"

      We want to thank you for your prayers this week as we have had meetings and sought council regarding our plans moving forward in this coronavirus situation our nation and world has been faced with. We have made a few decisions regarding Sunday morning we want to inform you about. Bro. David will still be preaching this Sunday in person at the church at 10:30. What we want you to be aware of is the fact that we will be canceling Sunday School for this week, and moving forward Sunday Morning Worship be will online only starting next Sunday March 29. In fact all of our meetings for some time will be taking place in an online format via Facebook Live stream. We will be shutting down the use of our facilities staring Sunday to meet the guidelines that have been laid out by our governmental and healthcare officials.

      Yes, this means no Sunday Schools in person and we are exploring ways we can continue to be the church and pursue discipleship in these unknown times. We ask for your patience as we are laboring through this. We are considering multiple options for discipleship in every area of our church. This will take some getting used to as this will likely become the norm over the next several weeks. We will not stop seeking to serve the body and we are working through a new Education Plan in regards to the next couple of months and want to execute something well thought out and appropriate for our church as a whole.

      As for this Sunday, the doors will be open but if you are sick, have any underlying issues, have autoimmune disease, or your family members fall into these categories; it would be wise to stick to the CDC guidelines in regards to isolation protocols. There will likely be more than 10 people here for our last week of in person worship, so use wisdom in this situation. 

      Moving forward our Sunday Morning live stream will be through Facebook. We recognize that everyone does not have Facebook, so we will be sending out a step by step tutorial on how to sign up for Facebook. We will also record these services upload them to our website and plan to distribute DVD's to those who cannot access our content online. On Wednesday nights, David will be streaming live on Facebook to host our weekly prayer meeting/ devotion time. Bro. Matt will also be live streaming his youth lesson on Wednesday Night via Instagram. More information and other Education opportunities will be sent out next week as we work through the challenges on this shift towards becoming a online church for now.

     Keep this at the forefront of your your mind God is still in control. Covid 19 was no surprise to God and he will use this time to glorify his name. It might be through online service and church members sharing the live stream to their page. This challenge bring us great opportunity to share Gods word with our friends via social media. Your sharing of our live stream might be the first church service someone has watched in years or maybe ever.

       Church family, we are praying for you and will continue seek to God in this time as we serve the body at WBC. Thank again for your prayers as we work through this and seek God and his wisdom. 

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